Data Curation
From Data to Understanding
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When gathered and understood, the underlying meaning contained within structured and unstructured EHR data fields, admission reports, lab reports, physician's notes, and patient history form a Patient Context. However, up till now, only the human mind could collect and fully grasp the meaning from all these disparate sources and create that Patient Context - the condition of a patient within a complete medical knowledge framework.

SAM is able to abstract the meaning from a variety of data sources such as reports, notes, audio files, or even wearable devices, and formulate an evolving understanding of a patient's situation and relate it to evidence based medical knowledge.

With this data pattern, SAM can work wonders. For a physician, SAM can deliver evidence-based information to augment the clinician's understanding. For a healthcare organization, SAM can provide government and insurance reporting and documentation. For a State, SAM can network community hospitals that are on separate systems and resolve interoperability with telemedicine providers. And for a Society, SAM can aggregate industry data from the multitude of sources and normalize it for quality assessment.

SAM unlocks data from the source and continuously maintains the Patient Context.