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InveniQA, LLC is bringing technology developed at the Mayo Clinic to Japan.
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JAPAN - May 23, 2022
Abstrakt automates the manual process of medical case file abstraction, which is a critical but time-consuming step in providing quality patient care.

InveniQA is a healthcare information technology company based in Denver Colorado U.S. that provides clear, concise, and relevant knowledge through advanced technologies and innovative, intuitive solutions. InveniQA's mission is to help healthcare professionals make better-informed decisions by providing them with the most up-to-date and accurate information possible. To achieve this, InveniQA has developed several unique products and services that make it easier for healthcare professionals to access and use information.

By automating medical case file abstraction, Abstrakt will help hospitals and clinics in Japan reduce costs and improve efficiency. In addition, the technology has the potential to improve clinical workflow by reducing errors and increasing the accuracy in the curation of medical records.

The Abstrakt tool is a powerful way to read and process physicians' notes. It can help normalize data, create a digital medical model of patient data, and identify inconsistencies within a case. The tool can maintain data within an organization or be translated into different languages. The machine learning feature of the Abstrakt tool can improve the specificity of required fields and reduce curation time by 60-85%. This makes the Abstrakt tool essential for anyone working with medical data. Critical to researchers, Abstrakt captures all data within a case, not just the required variables.

"Our technology was developed at the Mayo Clinic over ten years at the cost of $80 million and is a game-changer. Data Managers universally love this tool that reduces their workload upwards of 85% during curation," said Dale Zwart, inventor and architect of Abstrakt and the founder and CTO of InveniQA. "We are excited to bring the tool to Japan to solve the same data curation problems."

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