Registry Fulfillment
Improved Efficiency
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By integrating Abstrakt into the registry fulfillment workflow, valuable clinical resources are freed up from the repetitive, tedious effort of extracting data from medical records, validating its accuracy, and manually filling in registry forms. The Abstrakt tool can quickly identify registry elements within a variety of sources, validate the extracted values, and present all them all in a clear and intuitive validation tool for data managers to review and approve. Any changes are recorded, and used for training of the underlying AI algorithms to improve future extraction performance.

Improved Accuracy
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The Abstrakt tool is also aware of the ever changing registry validation rules and ensures all values are within the specified ranges and all required data is filled in. But beyond that, because Abstrakt understands the patient case workflow through the extensive training the tool has undergone, it can identify conflicts in the document sources and propose the optimal value for a registry field. All the potential values, along with the recommended one are presented to the data manager who also has direct access to the source documents, and thereby quickly and easily identify the optimal value for the registry form. Informing the data manager of all of the registry element value options, not just the first one that was found manually, ensures the most accurate information is being supplied to the registry.

Improved Delivery
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Once fully validated by Abstrakt and approved by the Data Manager, a simple click securely sends the data to the registry in the necessary format. All transmissions are monitored for successful acceptance by the registry, and any anomalies are displayed in the data manager's dashboard for quick review and correction. Any updates to the registry delivery specifications are handled dynamically within the tool, and don't require a software update.